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Enter your annual salary here and find out how many bosses and staff of the AFT make more than you. Remember, they’re paid by your dues.

Union bosses funded by your dues rake in six-figure salaries. Even their mid-level aides take home $100k-plus.  The union also spends massive sums on political and lobbying efforts and perks for its officers and senior staff.

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The national AFT pays officers and employees, and of them make more than you. That's 85%.

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Randi Weingarten makes $557,875 per year as President of the American Federation of Teachers. That includes salary and other perks.

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Politics & Lobbying

In 2014 the AFT spent over $24 million on political and lobbying efforts - all taken from dues money. That's times your salary.

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The national AFT has 185 employees and officers who make more than $100,000 per year. That doesn't even include local and state affiliates—they aren’t counted here. They also spent nearly $120,000 on limousine services!

Teachers have to decide: Do you want to keep padding the pockets of union bosses, union staff, and their politician friends?

The data used to generate this tool are taken from the American Federation of Teachers Annual Report with the Department of Labor for Fiscal Year 2014, filed with the Office of Labor-Management Standards and reviewable at Salary data do not correct for total hours worked in the year.